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Nite Hawk Archery is please that is posting their review of the Nite Hawk Bow Press next week. This is a short summery that was sent to us.

When you visit their site you can enter to win a bow press through their free drawing.

“We're finishing up the review this week. We should have it up on the
site and complete by Monday 10/13 and we'll run the giveaway at the same
time that the review is up. Without getting into too much of the review
itself, the press is the best portable press we've seen to date! In fact,
it's so simple and easy to use that we use it for most (if not all) of the
bows we need to set-up for review. Definitely a winner and the review was
easy to write.”


Take a look, and enter to win a press.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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