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Every bow owner should add one of these to their maintenance kits

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Well, almost any bow owner as there are two pre-requisites.

1.) Compound bow.
2.) Draw stop style with a rubber dampening band. (This probably also works great for the ones with harder plastic too.)

Get a $5 slingshot tubing / pocket replacement kit from the hardware store. (Cutting "slices" that form small rubber bands (off the tubing) provides a lifelong supply of replacement dampeners / silencers!

IMHO, they're far superior than than "OEM style rubbers" too! (The stuff I'm recommending resembles surgical tubing, and is very similar to what the factory places on many "current" B/T models.)

Works great on B/T's even though they go on awfully hard.
(That should mean they will fit many smaller diameter stops too!)
.....Which also means they are not going to "fall off & get lost like those rubbers the use at the factory!" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:​
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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