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Every day shooting

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I am currently shooting a 2010 PSE Brute 70 LB 27" bow. Now my question is this, what type of arrows would you peeps recommend for everyday shooting? I got a semi large backyard and can shoot anywhere from a few feet to 60yds out. I shoot when it is 10°F to 110°F outside every chance I can shoot I shoot. I tried using some Easton ST Axis HD Green 340 spined arrows and they seem to be hard for me to tune them to my bow. I am currently using some Easton X7 Eclipse Blue 2512 320 spined arrows and I can tune them with in a few minutes. I do have access to some Beman 340 spined arrows @ 28".

All my arrows are cut specifically to my draw length which is 27" I also like to keep my arrows to be around 400-470ish grains. the tips I am using are 100 grains sander field tips or bullet points.

Specs on the bow
2010 PSE Brute 70 LBs (soon to be a 2011 PSE Dream Season EVO)
27" draw
PSE Phantom drop away
PSE 8 Arrow Infinity quiver
Vibracheck 9" 5 oz front stabilizer
Tru glow 3 pin Sight with 7 pins (Originally I had this on my 2010 Bear Attack which I gave to my father)
Strings are American Best

My shot grouping @ 20yds.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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