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Description: The Phoenix is a very accurate and durable crossbow, suitable for hunting big game to target shooting, and will not wear you out cocking it. 175 lbs. draw weight with a 14.5" power stroke

While using a 20" 413 grain total weight arrow including the 100 grain point, it was capable of target accuracy and maintained a less than .6 fps. extreme spread for two six shot string's, with the fastest arrow running 293.3 and the slowest 292.7, these test were with a bone stock bow and a flemished string, the noise level was surprisingly low with the S5 string dampeners being the only other modification to the bow, I have not shot the 150 lbs. draw bows from Excalibur at this time but this is as quiet and consistent as any I have tested or shot!

Keywords: Excalibur, Phoenix, recurve, cross bow,

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