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Archery Talk Classified is a FREE VENUE for buyers and sellers of ARCHERY EQUIPMENT ONLY. There are no firearm sales or trades allowed on . Staff and management of are NOT responsible for nor guarantee a successful transaction. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. BUYERS and SELLERS BEWARE. It is your responsibility to collect the necessary information to ensure a legitimate sale or purchase. It is also your responsibility to inspect items received for damage. Two days after receiving your item(s) is enough time to file a complaint with the Classifieds Mods. It is up to YOU to ensure the item is as described.

WE CANNOT always help you. It is a moderator’s discretion to offer assistance with a bad deal. We do welcome your questions and concerns and will Black List an unscrupulous buyer/seller after a review of your transaction.

1. Before you say you will purchase an item, check the feedback of the member you want to deal with. Read the feedback and if there are any questionable deals, excessive shipping delays or misrepresented products that have not been explained, you may wish to avoid this member. Check the Traders Black List. Ask for pictures, condition or defects before committing to the purchase.

NOTE: If you agree to a deal and back out of it after payment/item was prepared for repercussions. This not only inconveniences the other member but the Moderators as well. Negative feedback will be issued and a short term ban may be considered. Think twice if your not sure.

Archery Talk Classifieds is a service offered to individual members to buy/sell and trade their new or used archery goods. With that being said, we will not allow members to sell on here and have their item on eBay, craigslist or other similar websites. This creates problems and has an auction effect which we can not allow. If you want to use the Classifieds, keep it off of those sites.

2. Before you send any money or merchandise, get an address, a phone number and CALL the other member!! If they do not want to give out this information or you can not get in contact with them, do not send any money or merchandise.

3. If you mail a Money Order expect to wait five business days for shipping each way, plus a day for them to ship the item.

4. If you’re paying with Pay-Pal expect the same five business days for shipping plus one day to ship the item.

5. Sellers, it is your responsibility to send an item out as soon as possible. One day for shipping is enough. You have sold the item; it should be boxed, addressed and ready to ship as soon as the payment is received. It is also your responsibility to PM the buyer to let them know the item has shipped and provide the tracking number.

6. The cost of insurance and a tracking confirmation is only a couple of dollars. This is well worth the cost. Everyone should use it.

7. Shipping to and from other countries can incur delays. Customs can hold up an item being shipped. Expect delays when shipping to Canada or any other country. Three to four weeks is not uncommon.

8. Expect longer delays in shipping around holidays. The mail system can be taxed around most holidays. Allow an extra day or two for shipping both payment and product.

9. There is not a great deal AT can do to settle a dispute if we do not have a phone number to contact a member. It is your responsibility to do the necessary follow-up if a deal does not appear to be successful. Contact us only after you have tried to call, emailed and PM'ed with no response. Again, helping you is at our discretion and time availability.

10. When reporting a deal that has gone bad, please provide the member’s user name (spelled correctly), any contact information you have and all correspondence you have had with them along with a link to the item.

11. For the legal protection of adult members of the site, minors are not allowed to deal in the Classifieds. Note that this has nothing to do with whether you are a good or bad trader, it is just the state of the laws in the USA right now. Feel free to use any other part of the site, just no posting in the Classifieds or sending PMs regarding deals to other members. All adults should make an attempt to ensure the member you are dealing with is not a minor.

Please Close your threads when you have sold your items (even if payment is pending) or found what you wanted. Learn how to close your thread here ---->> OR, Click Thread Tools at the top of the page, then Close Thread and Perform Action. The same steps can be followed if your thread needs to be reopened later.

13. Archery/Bowhunting Items Only→Strictly Enforced

14. Negative comments, flaming or personal attacks are not permitted. (If you have a comment or an issue, PM the seller). Thread CRAPPING will not be tolerated. If you are not interested in buying or selling, or you have nothing positive to say, STAY OUT OF THE THREAD! If you think the asking price is too high, or you want to make an offer below asking price, contact the seller via email or PM. There may be certain situations where credible sources will question the item you are selling. We may allow such inquiries on a case-by-case basis. This does not apply to someone’s personal opinion or price complaints.

15. Defective or damaged goods that are a safety hazard are not permitted.

16. Wanted to Buy (WTB) and Wanted to Trade (WTT) ads belong in the WTB Section only.

17. A price MUST be posted in all threads…no make offer style threads

18. No auction style threads, please use AT Auctions

19. No Spam

20. You MUST be the owner of the item(s). This means you CAN NOT sell for anyone. If you don't own it, expect your thread(s) to be pulled. There are just too many issues when selling for friends, co-workers, extended family members (not including spouse or child that lives in the home), etc. This means you must be the sole owner of the item. [/QUOTE]

Members have had questions concerning the above rule (#20). If it is your item(s), your spouses or one of your children, it would be fine for you to post a thread in the Classifieds. Anything other than what is listed above is unacceptable and will be pulled. If you get warned/infracted for selling for a friend or what not, do not try to use the fact that you bought it and now it's yours. That's not going to fly from here on out. Some members make it difficult to have simple rules to abide by, there always has to be the ones pushing the limits.

21. No multi-level marketing

22. A thread may only be bumped a maximum of 4 times per day.

23. Sellers should consolidate their listings when selling multiple items in a single category. Do not flood a category with multiple items.

24. The buyer must receive item within 10 business days of the seller receiving payment, unless previous arrangements have been made…No excuses. If the goods have not been received within 10 business days, please contact a Classifieds Moderator (1adam12, rodney482 AdvanTimberLou, Jersey Ray, someonescop, Beamen123, JDS-1 or Rxbowhunter )

25. No gift cards, gift certificates, store credits or anything similar will be permitted in the Classifieds.

Classifieds Rules and Guidelines Continued

AGAIN, NO MINORS ARE ALLOWED TO TRADE IN THE CLASSIFIEDS. No one under the age of 18 may sell, buy, trade, or post in any Classifieds forum. Everyone must update their profile to include their correct date of birth. You are not required to publicly display your age. Anyone providing false information about their age will be banned.

• Please use the SEARCH feature.

•We want to ensure the products sold here are safe and of reasonable quality. If a seller reveals (for instance) that his carbon arrows have some fractures in them and might explode, we do NOT want them sold here.

• Place WTB (Want to Buy) in THAT section ONLY. WTB Bows have their own forum, as well. We could all spam the boards to get our item bought, sold or traded, but we can't allow it. If you don't have a price, it goes in the WTB/WTT Section.

• No more than three open ad threads per one section in the Classifieds

• Please start a new thread if your current thread has more that 300 replies or is more than three months old. Long threads get difficult to navigate and old threads need to archive. If necessary, you can add to or edit the original posts to include a link from one thread to the other.

• You MUST display your profile with a valid email address. Your date of birth must also be filled in but it does not have to be on public display.

• You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession. You MUST OWN it.

• No multi-level marketing schemes.

• No misleading thread titles. (nude pics, goats, etc.)

• No excessive bumping of your own thread. No more than once every 4 hours.

• No "contest" or "giveaway" threads. Giveaways can be posted in the AT Giveaway forum.

• No firearm sales or trades. This includes muzzleloaders, gun barrels, gun scopes, frames and ammunition or any other firearms related items.

• No "Group Buys." If you do not own it, you can't sell or trade it.

• No "services" allowed, except in the Services forum. (Ex. I can build xxx for you @ xxx each). Guided hunts are allowed to be listed in the Services forum.

• No links to commercial sites are allowed in ad threads, unless the site is a sponsor of Posting the website address text with NOPARSE tags around it is acceptable (Example: The NOPARSE tags deactivate the link, so it isn't clickable, like this:

ONLY Archery- and Hunting-related items are allowed. Trucks, cars, motorcycle, stereos, campers, houses, boats, dogs, FIREARMS of any description, links to your sites, or similar listings are not allowed.

Lately, we have seen an alarming number of traders, newbie and veteran, coming up with lots of excuses for poor performance in their transactions, among these are...
1. No money to ship your items.
2. No packing materials.
3. No time, due to other family obligations.
4. Midterms/Finals coming up.
5. I forgot.
6. I don't spend 24/7 behind my keyboard.
7. I just don't care.
8. I changed my mind.
9. I lost all my PMs and Emails
10. Who do I owe money too? I lost the info.
11. Who sent me this money order? I can't remember what I sold!

On and on and on, way too many to list. People, if you have time to post a FS thread, to receive payment, to receive goods, to reply to all the offers in your threads, and to strike a deal to begin with, you have time to pack your items properly and ship out in a timely manner. All it takes is a little preparation to begin with to have your packing materials ready, or even pack in advance if necessary. You should already have a time set aside to deliver the goods to your carrier. Also very important is to set aside a few minutes of the day to COMMUNICATE with those with whom you have deals open. IT ONLY TAKES A SMALL AMOUNT OF TIME! Always maintain an open channel of communication until your transactions are complete.

Your word is your bond, your word is your rep, and your actions speak louder than all the words combined. If you can’t maintain and keep your word, and if you can't meet your obligations, then you have NO business doing business here. PLEASE do everyone a favor, including yourself, and don’t do business where people depend on you to perform your duty to them, and conduct business in a mature and honorable fashion.

Rip Offs - How to avoid them and what to do first if you think it has happened to you:
1. Always ship with insurance and tracking #'s. If shipping expensive items, ship with delivery confirmation, at a minimum.
2. Know your shipper's terms of service. For example, FedEx Ground states under Liabilities Not Assumed what they will not be held liable for.
3. Always ask for a real name and home address and phone number, especially when trading with somebody who is unknown or has bad feedback.
4. Always do a search on a trader if you are unsure of their credibility.
5. If you do not receive the goods/money right away, email the other trader, and request action. If paid by check, wait until money clears before shipment and make copy of check.
6. If said trader does not respond in two working days, email again. Be patient.
7. If said trader does not respond within one week, contact a classifieds moderator. They are established traders with a lot of experience who work across several forums chasing thieves and other bad traders and helping to resolve trading disputes. They run the AT Classifieds.
8. Please do not jump to conclusions until a reasonable amount of time has passed. Two weeks with no response is a sure bet that something is wrong.
9. Do not make decisions while you are upset. Only post or email us after you have calmed down. This is most important. Making decisions while enraged will not help your cause; it can only hurt it.
10. Do not post derogatory remarks about said trader. Instead, post your situation in a calm and friendly manner. Flaming will only raise tempers, hurting your chance of getting your goods or money back.
11. Ask if anyone else has had trouble with said trader. It is always good to know as much as possible when trading with someone, especially if you think you got ripped by that person.
12. If said trader does not rectify situation and action is required, post a negative i-Trader Feedback for said trader.
13. If said trader does not rectify situation and action is required, we will post a thread in “Traders Blacklist”. If said trader straightens out the mess he/she has created and everyone who is involved is satisfied, we will delete and/or retract the statement.
14. Please use common sense when trading.
15. You can file complaints about Internet fraud directly with the FBI at their Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC).
16. Post i-Trader Feedback for your deals, especially if requested to do so by the other trader. If you were treated well, a good feedback is part of the deal, and the trader has earned it. If you were not treated well, other traders need to know what went wrong.

Last but not least............
17. Be nice and courteous, nobody likes to be spoken to in a RUDE manner.

If you have problems with a transaction and have EXPLORED AND INVESTIGATED AND DILIGENTLY PURSUED ALL AVENUES OF RESOLUTION, consider contacting a classifieds moderator for assistance. They will help you if they have time. is not responsible for your successful transaction, but we will help if we can.

Thank you,
Your Friendly Classifieds Mods
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