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Experience with Rage

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This happened about a year ago but still thought it was worthy of a mention. I decided to try rage heads out after strictly shooting fixed heads for 2 seasons. Opening day I hit a really nice buck at 38 yards further back than I should have. After giving the deer a decent amount of time to sit, to my amazment there was a massive blood trail and my buck was lying about 50 yards away piled up just out of sight of my stand. I ended up shooting 2 more deer with the 3 blade rages that year with great results. I was so stoked on the performance of these heads on my first buck I looked on the website to order some rage gear. I was unable to find anything on the site so I emailed the company asking about how I could order some T-shirts. The email I received back was simply "What size do you wear and what is your address?" I replied and had two new long sleeve rage shirts on my porch the same week and didn't get charged a dime even after offering to pay for them. They just responded by thanking me for using their products, congradtulated me on my first buck and said they love hearing success stories with their products. With rage being as big of a company as they are I thought this was awesome. Since than I have killed several more deer with the 3blade, and now the new extremes with absolutely zero problems. I would be a loyal rage customer either way, but this to me puts rage above and beyond the rest. As a company and broadhead Rage is awesome!
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if you are shooting Rage broadheads, you paid for those t-shirts. Expandables definitely help with a bad shot.
I get that and I know its only a couple of shirts but I still thought it was very classy on the part of rage!
More than most companies would do!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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