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Explain This ?

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This is in response to the Wisconsin crossbow poll.
I live in southern Wisconsin and the lower 3rd of this state is in the CWD zone. A CWD action commity was formed last year and one of their recomendations was the inclusion of crossbows. They also recommended the use of hi power rifles.
Most of this area has allways been shotgun only because of it's dense human inhabitance.
Well guess what. The rifle idea passed, The reason was "It's a more efficient weapon than the shotgun."

The crossbow was shot down and when I ask the DNR why this was? The only explanation they could give me was "Politics."
To single out the CROSSBOW as THE ONLY weapon you can not use in the CWD units is "DESCRIMINATION" in it's purest form!!!!!!

I would like to go into more detail, But right now I'm so mad I can't see what I'm typing.
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"The only explanation they could give me was "Politics."

That is defined as your local "bow hunting club" giving false information to the DNR and them buying it just to shut them up. Ya want a good laugh? Try calling the Maine DNR and say the word "crossbows". Its like standing in the center of Tokyo and yelling "GODZILLA!!!" at the top of your voice.


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This is a unique situation were as the DNR instituted the need to reduce the deer population in an effort to control CWD. In this situation I don't see how the WBA can override the DNR and it's CWD commity.
I have been bowhunting for 35 years. I also worked in an archery proshop for 10 years. I understand the advantages and disadvantages of both types of "ARCHERY EQUIPMENT".
About a year ago I was pinned under a large tree, messed up both shoulders my jaw and my heart rhythm.
I hope to someday be able to shoot my vertical bow again , But feel that no one should be restricted from using the "ARCHERY EQUIPMENT" of their choice.

I wonder how many of these "Elitists" will stick with their "Traditional" shotgun over the rifle come gun season?

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Thank God

My state, Virginia, had the foresight to read through all the crap thrown at them from the PBS'ers and the "me-too" Virginia Bowhunter clan. Seeing how nothing earth shattering has happened going into the forth season of crossbows being included in bowhunting season here, I get ill reading all the insanity going on in states where the anti-hunting archery groups actually have the state game divisions believing the garbage thrown at them:confused::rolleyes: What a bunch of selfish non caring losers that will one day look back and realize how arrogant and wrong their stand on crossbows was. They too will one day get old enough that their bodies just doesn't want to do what it did when they were younger. They will then be deemed a hipocrite by all those that know them. They can sit home on the front porch then during bow season. What goes around.............................
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