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Extreme bad luck or bad arrows?

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I ordered 6 Beaman MFX classic 500's with 100 grain inserts to try out. I bareshaft tuned them this morning cut incremental amounts off the back of the arrow until they were tuned as good as I could get them.
When I got back home I stripped the feathers and to save time dipped my arrows nock down into acetone and cleaned off the remianing glue. I reflecthed and went out to the range to shoot. I had 2 nocks come loose and 1 break which resulted in a dry fire. No obvious damage to my recurve. Lesson learned dont use acetone.
Out of the 6 2 were damaged due to other arrows hitting them. My Carbon Express arrows took hits like this without damage. Do MFX classics lack durability? Or did I just have terrible luck today?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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