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Extremely High Miss When Bare Shaft Tuning

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I'm hoping someone can look at the below paper tuning results and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I've been shooting/hunting for a few years. This year is my first stab at tuning myself. I've been bare shaft paper tuning my bow. Out of a dozen or so shots, 2 shots missed way high. After the second high miss, I noticed my felt covering on my QAD ultra rest hunter was messed up as if it was hit. These are new arrows I just purchased (second hand). When bare shafting, I add a little lead tape about 1" from the nock in the exact weight of my fletching. I'm thinking the lead tape may have hit the rest causing the extremely high miss.

Please see below photo of bare shaft arrow results followed by fletched arrow results. The 2 very top shots are from the high misses. The right high miss looks weird because the arrow actually hit the 2x4 that is the top frame of my paper tune stand.

The fletched arrow results are generally ok, just nock high for the most part.

I'm standing about 4-5 yards from the paper.
  • Hoyt power max
  • 29" draw
  • 65 lb
  • QAD ultra rest hunter
  • East axis, 300 grain with 75g grain insert, 100 grain field point.
  • Tru fire hardcore release
Bare Shaft Results
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Fletched Arrow Results
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I’d start from the very beginning and rework everything if I were in your shoes. First thing first, what’s the length of your arrow and also what spine are you shooting?

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It’s 29”, carbon to carbon and 300 spine. (I accidentally wrote 300 grain in the post.) With a 100 grain field points it’s 500 grains total.

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doubtful your tape is hitting the rest if the fletching isn’t. the rest should be down long before the tail end of the shaft gets there. verify your rest timing, center shot, arrow level thru the berger hole, and your cam timing is good and then move closer to about 6 feet and see what kind of tear you get with the bare shaft. out of curiosity do you shoot fixed blade broad heads?
I prefer fixed but have shot a little of both.

Cam timing is perfect. Center shot is very close.
I have never looked at rest timing so I’ll check this.
My arrow is well above the Berger hole so I’ll adjust this next. Thanks for the advice.

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I think I found the issue by using foot spray. My fletching/nock was hitting my rest AFTER it had deployed, I.e it was hitting the bottom of my rest. Evidentially my nock point was way too low or my rest was tilted too high.

Next issue: 🙃 my serving at my nock point is already frayed/broken. The strings are winners choice, about 2-3 months old.

Does anyone know typical causes for fraying brand new servings?

1. Could the rest issue described above be the culprit?

2. Could it be the new nocks from my new arrows? They’re the conventional green nocks that come on the Easton axis.

3. Could it be caused by nock pinch?

4. Can anyone recommend a repair method formy serving at the nock point?

Thanks gentlemen. You may make a bow tuner of me yet!

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1. did you fix the contact issue? no rest contact won’t fray the center serving.

2. the nock shouldn’t cause separation, in my experience separation comes from the d loop over time.

3. to check for nock pinch remove a field point from an arrow and draw back. if the arrow doesn’t lift off the rest no nock pinch. if you have heavy inserts in the arrow you’ll want to remove that too or just use any arrow with a light insert or no insert that uses the same nock as what you’ll be shooting.

4. you could take it to a shop and have them reserve the center serving for you or you could buy some serving material and reserve yourself
Thanks evox.

1. Yes the contact issue is fixed.

2. I tied nock points with serving inside of my d loop. I wonder if this could have caused the fray?

3. No nock pinch. Arrow doesn’t lift off. Thanks

4. I have some BCY 3D. I think I’ll give it a try. Do need a serving jig for a center serving?

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when tying the nock points if the serving you used slipped in between center serving wraps it can cause separation. i guess as far as fraying anything is possible.

i don’t think 3d is meant for center serving but i could be wrong. no you don’t need a jig but it helps keep tension equal. do you have an old bowstring you can practice on ?
Yes! I have an old control cable I can practice on. I’ll give it hell

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BCY 3d is .016" I think. Most serving under .018" is usually considered as end serving and not for center serving. Nock fit will be the main thing, it may give you loose nock fit. If you have calipers, you should be able to measure the old serving diameter and you could get serving that matches its diameter since your nock fit sounds like it was perfect with what you had.

Since you have an old cable to practice on, you could try the 3d and see what nock fit is like. You'd only have to serve about 1" to then test nock fit.
I read an old post from Nuts&Bolts about how to get perfect nock fit. If the #3d gives too loose of nock fit on its own, then unwrap and cut a strand of the serving and lay it parallel with the string and then serve over it again. If fit is still too loose, then unwrap and use two strands along the string and reserve again... You can keep adding strands to serve over until nock fit is perfect.
I don't see why you couldn't get the #3d serving to work by doing that.
Thanks for the input. I actually did exactly what you recommended. I practiced on the original cable that came with these strings.

I repaired using this method: John Dudley Serving Repair

I backserved my existing serving from the nock point (where the serving broke) to about 3/4" up and down the string which left a 1.5" gap.

3d with one strand underneath seemed to be the right nock fit, but I can tell the existing serving is a little thicker. Maybe this is the reason it wore out after 2-3 months of shooting. I haven't shot it yet but we'll see if it works.

I also ordered BCY 62XS in .21" diameter and a serving jig. If my temporary fix doesn't hold up, I will reserve the entire center serving with 62xs and no string underneath.
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