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Extremely High Miss When Bare Shaft Tuning

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I'm hoping someone can look at the below paper tuning results and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I've been shooting/hunting for a few years. This year is my first stab at tuning myself. I've been bare shaft paper tuning my bow. Out of a dozen or so shots, 2 shots missed way high. After the second high miss, I noticed my felt covering on my QAD ultra rest hunter was messed up as if it was hit. These are new arrows I just purchased (second hand). When bare shafting, I add a little lead tape about 1" from the nock in the exact weight of my fletching. I'm thinking the lead tape may have hit the rest causing the extremely high miss.

Please see below photo of bare shaft arrow results followed by fletched arrow results. The 2 very top shots are from the high misses. The right high miss looks weird because the arrow actually hit the 2x4 that is the top frame of my paper tune stand.

The fletched arrow results are generally ok, just nock high for the most part.

I'm standing about 4-5 yards from the paper.
  • Hoyt power max
  • 29" draw
  • 65 lb
  • QAD ultra rest hunter
  • East axis, 300 grain with 75g grain insert, 100 grain field point.
  • Tru fire hardcore release
Bare Shaft Results
Tree Wood Road surface Asphalt Font

Fletched Arrow Results
Road surface Grey Asphalt Tints and shades Landscape
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