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EZ Fletch Pro?

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I think it is about time I fletched some new arrows for the wife and me. . . . .

I have almost decided on the Arizona Rim EZ Fletch Pro (Right Helical [Dunno why right, but it sounds good]), but now I have to decide on vanes and glue. Wow!

It looks to me like regular ol' CA glue will work, but is there a better choice and why?

Is one brand of vane that superior to another?

We both shoot Easton Carbon Raiders (priced great at Dick's Sports) with 4" vanes now. Not sure what, if any, helical there is, but I will fletch them all so they are the same.

Your advise will be appreciated, mixed with others, and poured out into my decision. heh.

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Personally I like the gel super glues since it doesn't run. Stays where you put it and doesn't gunk up your fletching equipment. Also, I like the 3" Vanetec's. Stiffer material than the Duravanes so it bites the air better and not so tall as the Blazers so they have better clearance of the cables.
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