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Fast Eddie xl clearance

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I just got my v3x all set up with my fast Eddie xl with the uv3 scope. To get it sighted in I am maxed all the way to the right. I still have the micro adjust I can use if need be but it seems odd to me that I have to have the scop against the sight bar. Anybody else run into this issue and is there a solution
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I am going to say it has to with how close the bar is now to the centershot. If you hang the bow up like from a basement ceiling joist hook with an arrow nocked and rest up, get behind it a couple feet and sight down the string to the riser handle the arrow rest and to the tip of the arrow, and then see where the pin is in relationship to the string. For a right handed shooter, the pin should be just left of the string, sometimes it can be all just about perfectly in line. Everything should line up just about straight down the pipe. If it does, then nothing is really out of wack, and your form is pretty good. If thats the case, then it has to do with how much the sight bar going through the riser has moved the whole thing toward the centershot.
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