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Fastest 40 lb bow?

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Thinking on getting my lady a new bow. She's shooting a parker challenger currently, and getting 180 FPS at 38 lbs. She can easily move up to 40 lbs but her bow gets squirely when its maxed. I was thinking of a Matthews Mustang, but was curious to know what others pulling 40 lbs were shooting and what speeds they were getting.

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I am in the midst of buying a new bow for my son. I have run all the options on the software and the Mathews Prestige is the absolute hands down smoker. The second is the Martin Shadowcat and then the Bowtech Equalizer. At 30# and a 22" draw the Prestige willpush 190, Shadow 170, and the Equalizer 160, the Hoyt Lasertech right behind. These are with all variables even relative to arrow and peep... I have inquired about the Prestige and the numbers are realistic to actual speeds. I was just really surprised that there was that much difference.
Just ran "On Target" for a 40# 24" 245 grain arrow 6 grain/inch.

Bowtech Equalizer 205
Mathews Prestige 243
Martin Shadow cat Magnum 226
Various Hoyts about 226 also.

After that info you need to check the weight and feel of the bow to your likes. This is not opinion. Download the software and check it for yourself. It seemed odd to me but I have asked and spec calculated and the software is on the money to what people are getting. If you are going to customize strings then that would be a constant increase to all bows.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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