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Fastest 40 lb bow?

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Thinking on getting my lady a new bow. She's shooting a parker challenger currently, and getting 180 FPS at 38 lbs. She can easily move up to 40 lbs but her bow gets squirely when its maxed. I was thinking of a Matthews Mustang, but was curious to know what others pulling 40 lbs were shooting and what speeds they were getting.

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short draw speed

Well I havent been in the archery game long but I just got back from shooting with a fella and his daughter (she decided she wanted to see my bow and talk cars with me, she wants to build a "Rat Rod"),
I took my XT (06 Mathews Switchback XT [email protected] set at [email protected] ,27 in draw 390 grain Ultralight X-Cutters 256 fps with no breaking ,like maybe tenth arrow through bow) and he was shooting a Prestige and so was she.
Both were shooting 40 @ him 25 in draw her 24 in they had both brought spec sheets on arrows set them a 5.8 gpi (not sure of specs) her fps through 2 different chronos 237/240 and his was 251/249 and both would repeat and my XT rechronoed, after probably 200 arrows since brought home, 265/267. Another little fella at range had a Equalizer with 24.5 in draw I believe and his chroned 221 but we didnt have specs to make sure he wasnt out(he had lots of string time and thought it neededa quick tune up which would probably speed it up.
Friend of mine had a Hoyt ( 40 @ 25.5 draw 199 fps with 5 gpi arrows) and after falling off a bicycle she had arm injusries and couldnt draw it so she went loking and got a Mustang and it was smoking ,we couldnt believe it and she "stole" it from a pawn shop. [email protected] 25.5 draw and heavy arrows from her sons hunting rig and it shot 288, All she had done was put back in spec and was told the strings were Bucknastys and they also scaled it a 50 @,,, and get this she got it for $140 bucks !!!!
She thought it was a turned down 40 @er but it was higher than her Hoyt (which she gave to her little sister for first bow),and she got 4 RHs in first weekend.
any short dl bow that was designed to be shortdraw will esily make great numbers,,,, my opinion make up a nice "coupon in computer for a gift then go looking for a bow and let the shooter get what fits best, speed be d##ned for the most part.
Dont get me wrong look for fast bows those 4 listed all would be great.
And hey if its getting messy at max weight it probably needs new strings/tune up.
Might try Crackers or Bucknasty (bucknasty has a great price and will make custom collots too and cant beat the price)and with Crackers you can get him to spread som magic chinchilla dust on it AND if you would get a Bowtech ,SEND IT TO CRACKERS, he will get it smokin even more than BT stock form.
good luck
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I personally am a Mathews man, however my wife shoots a Martin Slayr se with the Nitrous B cams and gets arounf 265fps. 25" draw 36lbs.
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