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Favorite 3D Arrow Set-Up

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What are you shooting for 3D this year?
If I get enough interest in the thread I will post the tallied results.

Arrow Brand:
Arrow Model:
Fletching Brand:
Fletching Length:
Nibb/Bullet Point or Screw-In w/Insert:
FOC if known:
Total weight if known:
LBS of Pull on Bow:

Thank you!!
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Beman ICS Energy
Bohning Blazer X2
White X nocks
Insert w/ screw-in 90 grain points
70 lb draw

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Gold Tip ultra light 400's 28 1/4"
80 grain glue in tip
gold tip pin nocks white
3 white VaneTec HP 2" vanes
62 lb Drenalin LD

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Arrow Brand: Eason
Arrow Model: Lightspeed 400
Fletching Brand: NAP Quick Spin
Fletching Length: 4"
Nibb/Bullet Point or Screw-In w/Insert: Screw in 85grn
FOC if known: around 7%
Total weight if known: about 360grns
LBS of Pull on Bow: 70lbs

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Arrow Brand: GOLD TIP
Arrow Model: ULTRALIGHT 300
Fletching Brand: VANETEC V-MAX SS
Fletching Length: 1.75"
Nibb/Bullet Point or Screw-In w/Insert: 110 GR. NIBB
FOC if known: 10%
Total weight if known: 397 GR.
LBS of Pull on Bow: 74#

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Arrow Brand: Easton
Arrow Model: Litespeed 400
Fletching Brand: Blazer or VaneTec HP's
Fletching Length: 2"
Nibb/Bullet Point or Screw-In w/Insert: Screw in 75gr
FOC if known: i'm thinking around 10% but maybe more(too many #s in head)
Total weight if known: 322gr
LBS of Pull on Bow: 64#

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Arrow Brand:Carbon Express
Arrow Model:CXL SS 250
Fletching Brand:Bohning Mini Blazers
Fletching Length:1.5 inches
Nibb/Bullet Point or Screw-In w/Insert:pDP points 80 grains
FOC if known:Approx 8%
Total weight if known:316 grains
LBS of Pull on Bow:61#

Thank you!! Your Welcome!
All shot out of an 08 Constitution.

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Arrow Brand: Carbon Express
Arrow Model: CXL SS 250
Fletching Brand: Bohning Mini Blazers
Fletching Length:
Nibb/Bullet Point: 80 grain nibb
FOC if known: 12%
Total weigh:312
LBS of Pull on Bow: 62 LBs

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Speed 23's...5500 series....70gr glue in with 30 gr wt = 100gr.....28 3/4 inch arrow....2 inch Blazer vanes or 2 inch Quick Spins....overall weight: 355 grs.from a Bowtech Patriot at 67 lbs/29 1/2 inch draw = 302 Fps.....:darkbeer:
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