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Great pics everyone. Here are a few of mine


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Another memorable Spring!
Sky Hunting Bird Turkey Wild turkey

Plant Wood Terrestrial plant Trunk Tree

Plant Tree Branch Terrestrial plant Trunk

Plant Bird Plant community Phasianidae Tree

Plant Beak Twig Terrestrial animal Groundcover

This jake had me laughing as he did laps around me gobbling and strutting for an hour before I sent him on his way :ROFLMAO:
Bird Plant Plant community Beak Phasianidae

Branch Twig Plant Carnivore Terrestrial animal

A Memorial Day hunt in NY was pretty memorable for a few reasons. 3 jakes and a tom in my lap right off the roost but foliage screened the beard area's. Nearly an hour and a half later, after calling them back in 3 times, having them inside 30yds much of the time sight unseen, I finally got a shot at the tom.
Bird Plant Beak Organism Terrestrial animal

had no idea following a racoon around was going to lead to me seeing it step right on a black snake and get tagged. Took a lot of video and pics during the standoff, not the best of images , but a very memorable moment I was lucky enough to witness.
Plant Plant community Ecoregion Natural environment Botany

Plant Twig Fawn Beak Terrestrial animal

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While Summer/Fall Smallmouth bass fishing...
Water Vertebrate Mammal Natural landscape Lake

Unexpected hook-up when a carp took a spinner
Water Vertebrate Lake Body of water Fisherman

Head Plant Deer Fawn Terrestrial animal

Deer Plant Organism Fawn Terrestrial animal

Branch Wood Water Twig Grey

By the size of the track this fawn was dropped late and behind the 8-ball near the end of August
Natural material Grass Bedrock Plant Soil

Vertebrate Plant Wood Red fox Fox

Cloud Water Sky Water resources Highland

Had a good laugh watching these 2 scrtachin' their asses off.
Plant Red fox Wood Tree Fawn

Lost this same bass, if I recall right about 2 weeks earlier, heaviest of the season at 6.11lbs
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Did get a pic or 2 with the eye centered up between the weeds but they weren't as sharp

tell-tale give-away that more deer coming, saw about 15 in total that sit and took a doe.
Plant Natural landscape Fawn Carnivore Terrestrial animal

Brown Wood Cat Twig Fawn

Last day of rifle season came round and we hunted property we hadn't for 8yrs. Did a push for dad and he missed a buck. Farmer took a nice doe, saw several others including 2 small buck on the main farm from his treestand. We headed up their for the afternoon, didn't see my first deer for the day till late in the pm, a doe. Took a walk with about 1hr and 15 minutes of the season left and came upon 4 buck feeding in the opposite end of big cut corn field, shot the nicest one. Go figure, went from seeing no buck for the rifle season to seeing 6 in my last 2 hunts!
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