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I have been stump shooting once a week for about 9 months out of the year for about three years now with a friend on his 20 acres. Not all, but most stumps in our area are NOT rotten and soft, but more akin to concrete. Actually shooting stumps would frequently destroy our arrows. It would be better to describe our shooting as “roving” through the outdoors while shooting at randomly chosen targets at random distances.

I, of course, have not tried all the available different types of blunt arrow points, but I have tried a number of different types. In my opinion, the best all around “go-to” roving arrow point for me would be the Swickey Judo Point. I have found the Swickey brand Judo Point to be better for me than very similar cheaper knock-off copy brands. If I could only own and use one type of point, then I would choose the Swickey Judo Point. Fortunately, I am not required to choose and use only one type of blunt point. I envision no good reason to do this for my purposes.

As with most things, the Swickey “Unloseable Miracle Point” is not perfect. Under most conditions that I encounter, one must always clean the debris from the point after each shot. But, in my hands they are difficult to damage and almost (emphasize “almost”) impossible to lose. When we choose to shoot at targets up in trees (e.g., leaves and various inedible fruit) with flu-flu arrows, the Judo Points become entangled on their way falling back to the ground. I will no longer use Judo Points for these types of shots.

My second favorite roving blunt tip is the Saunders Bludgeon Blunts. I hope they have not ceased making these. I no longer see them in the 3Rivers Catalog. Under many conditions they stop as quickly as the Judo Points. They do not accumulate debris that must be removed after each shot. They do not hang-up in the tree canopy. But under some vegetation and wet conditions, the Saunders Bludgeon Blunts will skip and slide much farther than the Judo Points.

My friend exclusively uses Swickey Judo Points. I carry several of both types of blunts in the pouch on my back quiver. When I find that my arrows are hopping, bouncing, sliding, or are more difficult to locate than my friend’s arrows, then I immediately exchange my Sanders Bludgeon Blunt for a Swickey Judo Point.
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