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The Zwickey Judos, G5 SGH, Saunders Bludgeon, etc. all work well, but they all have their pros and cons. And they definitely have scenarios they are best suited for. Just depends on what your target is and where you're hunting.

So I was at the hardware store yesterday in the bulk fastener section. Picked up some SS external tooth lock washers to experiment with...

Writing implement Office supplies Pen Tints and shades Stationery

Body jewelry Earrings Twig Jewellery Art

The lock washers weigh 5 gr (with about .2gr +/- variation) and were a whopping $0.30 each. Arrow on the left is a Carbon Express CX200 Hunter and on the right is a Easton Axis 340/5mm. Haven't tried them out yet, but the weather seems to be warming up so maybe I'll tinker with them soon.
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