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Greetings all-

Thought I'd pop in and drop the latest update.

Unfortunately we will be missing the IBO Worlds in WV this year while Bert is still on the mend from his broken ankle. Doc says he cant give up the crutches yet and as we all know the rain and mountains are really no place for that kind of thing.
Bert and Helen also cancelled the trip to Australia.

It's the first time we will miss this event since 1997 and it's a HUGE bummer from our side. This decision was a huge struggle for us internally. We really look forward to seeing everybody when we go there. Thanks need to go out to the IBO and the hosts of the event who were very supportive and helpful during this difficult decision and we are sure to come back bigger than ever next season. We are grateful for their help.

Notes and calls keep coming in with well wishes, thanks alot.. keep it up! It's good for the spirit.

Even through his injury Bert and Helen have been very very busy keeping up with orders. He was a real trooper for the effort he put in and Helen really stepped up to pick up extra duty in the shop, office, and home. Together they barely missed a beat and the orders kept flowing.
Thanks to your calls and their efforts this year looks to be the best ever on record.
Thanks for your tremendous support!

We have a lots of new things that we had hoped to showcase at the Worlds, I guess the hands on stuff will take place at the ATA, for product updates keep checking the website, Bert is working on the new product announcements etc.

Be sure to ask about the new adapter and lens kit for the Copper John Dead Nuts Pin Sight Series! 1 word .......AWSOME!!!!
It should be in stock at the Lancaster Trailer. If there is anything you need that you were looking to pick up while on the mountain just give Bert or Helen a call at the office, they are there every day. If you miss them, leave a message on the box. He always leaves his schedule there.

Thanks again for all of your support. I'll see you on the line!

Chuck Cooley
Feather Visions

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Tell Bert to put that skateboard away. See you in the new year. I sure would have liked to have a look at the CJ lens adapter.

Best regards
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