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Festus is 34!!!!

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Festus, you OLD dog! 34? Man, too bad you're still not shooting your "stick" bow. You could use it for a cane between targets. :D ;) Happy B-Day bud. Hope your day is a great one. "'re the Bestus!"
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34 not old

Heck he still young. Happy Birthday Festus.

That DOGG can hunt!!!...

...sniffed out yet another young in' from the ASA clan:D ...

...HAPPY BIRTHDAY FESTUS!!!:cool: ...34 yeere's, to be that young and good looking again...well...young anyway:rolleyes: ...hehe...your the "good looking one"!!...I still carry the scars from having the pork chop tied round my neck:( ...

...DUDE...have a GREAT ONE!!!...because "are" the BESTUS!!:cool: ...and a good friend to boot!!...

>>>---The Deere Herd--->;)
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