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Few 3D pics from Downunder

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Here's a few pics from one of our best 3D shoots here in OZ
Moonan Flat 08

Loin through the trees, almost max!!

Nice Jav shot

Tough turkey shot

Where is he???


Bedded buck through the gap

Deer along the river

Top of the hill range

A group making their way to the top

Standing bear with the river as a back drop

Same for the deer

Deer over the bank

Another view from the top of the hill range

Longbow action

And recuve

That's all........seeya :)
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Some nice looking country you got there! Thanks for sharing.:darkbeer:
It's only been a month and I already miss shooting 3D. :)

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wow that turkey target is a poke! it looks like a great venu, thanks for sharing the great pics b.t.w how did ya do?
Yeh, the turkey had everyone talking.
Moonan is a very small, beautiful, back woods location. The shoot has been held there for the past 11 years.
As far as my score goes, I took some nice pics!!!(not able to shoot due to injuries from a fall off my road bike:mad:)

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that's some nice country. btw-is that a spring set on your drop away cable.
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