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few questions?

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Hi all, I think I have decided on my first recurve takedown I will not hunt with it, just target. Pse Buckeye, 30#.

As far as a rest, maybe the NAP center rest, or the NAP center rest flipper,

What is the difference between the two and why?

I would also like a sight, something like the AIM starter sight, but it only has 1 pin. I see most target sights like this have only 1 pin. I would like to shoot 20,30,40 yds, at a local range. Can you add pins? Or does it make sens to get something like a 3 pins sight with a ring gaurd?
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Thanks for the info viper1.

I was leaning toward the Ragim impala, at first. Then I held one a t a pro shop, and didnt' really like the "thickness of the handle - I guess it's beefy so it can handle the higher poundage limbs available.

Anyway I like the "feel" of the buckey better.

For arrows, I am thinking about the GT traditional in 3355. Also, for a nock point, is a regular brass nock fine, I was thinking of just making my own out of some serving.
I've also noticed that the PSE Buckeye is 62" long

The Internature Bullseye, comes in different length , in relation to age groups - and their 66" in recommended for adults. Should I be concerned with this? Or is the 62" buckeye fine?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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