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I'm looking to spend a little money on arrows for field archery, I know how to set them up for proper spine but my question is;

1. Do I want to go with a heaver spine and break is down with point weight?
Reason: A slightly heaver arrow to cut the wind.

I don't care for speed as much as consistency.

I will be buying 1 doz protours and 2 doz ACC

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Just my opinion, but with either of those 2 arrows there really isn't a need to go heavier in spine and then heavier tip weight. Either arrow should be plenty heavy to shoot in the wind with a reasonable point weight (i.e. 100gr) and making the arrow even heavier just leaves it more time to be impacted by a crosswind. Like I said, just my opinion, but I've never had an issue with either arrow selecting based on proper spine and 100gr points -- used both for field and FITA, though definitely prefer the Pro Tours over the ACC's for FITA.

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