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Field Point/Broadhead Question

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If your fp's spin true and your broadheads are the same weight and also spin true, won't they hit in exactly the same place? I've never shot a broadhead before season as long as it was the same weight as the fp's I sighted in with. A friend told me to shoot a broadhead anyway just to make sure so I did. Hit in the same spot as I thought it would. The only reason I can think of that a broadhead would hit different is if it wasn't mounted correctly. Is this correct or do I need to shoot a broadhead on every arrow just to make sure?
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ELKhuntR said:
you should shoot every arrow you plan on hunting with including broadheads,
once or twice is enough to tell you if your ferrules or broadheads aren't aligned properly or if wind planing is an issue with your style of broadhead.
he is right. tune tune tune.

also many guys dont think about it much but there can be slight differences different angles. arrows do goofy things when compared to flat shooting (standing on the ground shooting a bag across your yard) or straight down shooting. i put a telephone pole on the edge of an old bridge span and practice straight down because many of our shots are down in deep DEEP ravines and you need to know how they will shoot like that too. maybe i just had some goofy heads but mine had to be tuned a little further for those shots. didnt change the flat ground poi.
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