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Final farewell to ultralight broadheads

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I saw this around three years ago with one of High Country's 55-gr fixed heads and somehow or other thought I wouldn't see it with the newer Wolverine II 57-gr mechanical which Rocket archery markets.

This time there was a totally believable blood trail starting with puddles of blood the size of a human hand and you'd have figured the deer could not possibly have gone more than 40 yards. This was a medium sized doe and a very clean shoot at point blank range straight through center-mass just behind the front shoulder which had to have gone through at least one lung.

But the area involved is very thick and if a deer makes it any more than 50 yards, your chances of finding it go below 50%. In this case we were able to follow a trail of blood over a hundred yards and then the trail stopped and the deer simply vanished and searching everything possible within several hundred yards turned up nothing.

The Wolverine might still be a reasonable idea for somebody hunting cornfields out in Kansas somewhere where you'd see a deer keel over 150 yards out and simply walk over and collect him, but until I have access to something like that, the light broadheads have all just gotten put away.