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Final Three

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I am closing in on my new bow and have narrowed the field to 3 manufacturers;

Mathews DXT or Reezen
Hoyt Alpha Max 32 or 35
Bowtech Captain

Having shot all the above bows I am leaning towards the Captain. It just seemed to be quieter and smoother than the rest, marginally. The Matthews and Hoyt shops seemed better stocked and shop help was very good. The Matthews shop is owned by a friend and he may very well kill me if I buy something else. The Bowtech shop was limited, but friendly.
All bows seemed like great bows and I am trying to find a critical factor that would sway me.

As good as the internet is for is also full of cow patties. In my research on Bowtech I came upon problems from '06 about their limbs breaking. I also came across the post from an ex-engineer who slammed them pretty well. My question....

In your opinion, has Bowtech lived up to customer expectation and has the limb issue been laid to rest?

Thank you for your opinions.
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It's a good bow not my first choice but that should not matter to you. I mean it's going to be your bow what's right for you is right for you.

Oh ya no matter what bow you look at you'll always find bad reviews.

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Not a bad one in the bunch...

Any of the 3 could have the limbs break so I would not factor that into your decision. BowTech may have the highest percentage but all 3 companies offer solid Customer Support.

I have shot all 3. The Reezen is nice because it retains higher arrow speeds at lower draw weights. The BowTech is smooth all around and the InVelvet finish is very nice IMO. The AM 32 is great, easy to draw, fit me very nice, light and smooooth. The one I shot had a little vibration after the shot but the bow wasn't fully tuned.

Take the stats of the 3 bows, put them side by side and score them on what matter to YOU most:

Brace Height 7"
Axle to Axle 34"
Draw Length 24 - 30"
Draw Weight 50, 60, 70
IBO Speed 315 - 323 fps
Kinetic Energy 81.6 fpe
Adjustable Let-Off 65 - 80%

Brace Height 7"
Axle to Axle 32"
Draw Length 23.5 - 30"
Draw Weight 40-80
IBO Speed 315 - 321 fps
Adjustable Let-Off 75%????
Bow Weight: 3.9lbs

Reezen 7.0:
IBO Rating: up to 335 fps
Axle-to-Axle: 32"
Brace Height: 7.0"
Draw Weight: 40 - 70lbs
65 lb peak weight also available
Bow Weight: 4.10 lbs
Let-off: 80%
Draw Lengths: 24.5" - 30.5"
Half Sizes: 24.5" - 30.5"
String/Cable Length:
String 90 3/4", Cable 34 1/2"

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