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Hi everyone,

I've finally finished my side yard shooting lane. All I need to do is to waterproof the plywood. I said in a previous post awhile ago that I would try and come up with a "shooting shield" which would intentionally restrict my field of fire for safety, and to post pictures if I could think of something that would work.

Well, here is what I came up with. In the first photo, the one picture in which you can see the tall trees to the left, it shows the actual shield. I took that photo squatting down and to the right so that you can see it. The second photo is the actual arrow/aiming level view. In that view, you can clearly see that the shield blocks the path of the arrow in the up direction for safety. You (and the arrow) cannot see any sky above the backstop.

When I first wheeled the target system into position that you see in the background, I realized that at 18 meters, only a few degrees of bow elevation would send an arrow over the fence even though the backstop is over 7ft. tall. Even though I've never missed the Block Elite target which you see as the main shooting surface with a high shot, I felt very uncomfortable with the open space above the backstop. With this shield in place, I would have to intentionally angle the bow up at 30 to 45 degrees to get an arrow up over the plywood. The shield is about 11 feet tall, and when it's close to you, it looks like a 20 foot high wall. I would call it a "disaster shield" and is there just in case. I hope it gives others an idea on how to shoot a little safer. What do you all think? Any suggestions for improvement?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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