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Finding Arrow Nodes... Then What?

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Okay, so it is my understanding that the nodes of an arrow are [two] points where during the arrow's flex from launch to target follow each other in the line of flight [provided flight is tuned], and I have a basic understanding of a technique for identifying arrow nodes... But then what? What do you do with this information; why is it "important" to set up/tune? Are you trying to line up the node with the plunger, or having the plunger between the nodes; before/after?

Yeah, I'm probably not going to get a great ROI if I pursue the efforts, it's a curiosity/learning endeavor.
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It's not so important where the front node is at full draw, it's important when the arrow leaves the arrow rest. However, I would hazard to guess that most would not be able to notice a score difference at your level. Probably the top 500 in the world might, but really, work on your form if you want an improvement in score.
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