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Description: First let me appologize as I have not on Archery Talk for a long time and I have never posted a review but I have had such a positive experiance the last few weeks I wanted to share with all of you.

Recenty I purchase a micro tune AeroRest from Dorge at Firenock a while back after a delightful sales pitch at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Columbus Ohio. I liked his approach to the rest design and his enthusiam about his products won me over.

I bought this rest to put on a new PSE Full Throttle I bought this past winter and have just now started to get it out as the weather is starting to finally shape up and start tuning it to get ready to do some 3D clubs shoots and above all hutning season this fall.

I bough the micro tune version fo the rest as I am a fantatic like most serious bow hunters and wanted maximum fine tune capabilties, admitted the rest is pricey and will scare some folks off but they do make a standard model that is much more reasonable.

Anyhow upon inital mounting I found the rest will not fit on the new PSE bows equipped with the flex cable slide verses the old standard rod cable guard. The top adjustment knob on the micro tune contacts the cable guard. Their product prochure shows a low mount arm that appeared would fix the problem so I contact Dorge at Firenock for help. Dorge imformed me they do not make the low mount anymore but thought he knew where he could find me one. Well he did and had it sent to me promptly. This fit perfectly as you can see from the attached pictures.

Before I discuss the rest in general Dorge has already redesigned the rest to so the top and the bottom of the rest are the same so you can switch the adjustment knob to the bottom of the rest vereses the top so clearance will no longer be a problem on future versions.

Back to tuning, It took me maybe 45 minutes of following Dorge's instruction on tuning to get arrows to shoot perfect bullet holes. I tend to screw around taking my time when playing with my toys so by all means somebosy on a mission could have tuned it much faster.

I have tried several name brand rests on this bow already since setting it up some worked better than others but I must say this rest provides to most consistant shooting pattern of anything I have tried yet. It shoots perfect bullet hole when paper tuning, I love this rest.

As you can see form the pictures if your not familar with this prest it is a full containment style with 3 ceramic balls that float on adjustable tension springs. The top ball you set just fractions off the arrow as it does nto need to contact only provide the correct clearance to maintaine full containment.

Tuning is easy, simply crank the springs down all the way in the bottom cermaic balls and set your vertical and horizontal center shot to start paper tuning. Tune the rest left and right ignoring vertical till you get just a vertical tear then you start adjusting for vertical tune. Start backing out the tension screws on the bottom cermic balls a 1/2 turn at a time until you bring vertical tune in and blame you are done.

I heard some people might be worried about arrow noise as your arrows draws back over the cermamic balls but I use Victory VForce HV1 arrows with the new slick coating for easy arrow removal and I can assure you it is almost dealy slilent and if you still have any concerns about noise their are some teflon balls that you can use for hunting but its not reccomended to use them all the time as they will wear quick.

The three ceramic balls are positioned such that you get complete fletch clearance as well and I use a healical fletch and have no issues with vane contact.

The rest is very light as well and Dorge even included titanium bolts to keep it as light as he can, unbelievable.

I am really looking forward to shooting it more this summer and using this fall during hunting season

For me this has been the easiest rest to setup and tune I think I have ever used. I am not sure what else to say other than I am really impressed with Dorge's design and his after sales support.

If anyone has any questions about this rest feel freet o contact me, I would love to help you with your questions if your at all considering this rest.

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