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first bow buck

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Hunting from ground blind..For the heck of it laid a trail of estrous doe pee. Well before dusk a very mature doe breaks from cover to follow the scent trail - head held very erect and ears reaching for the sky. Pulled up a step short, walked away casually. No shot. 1/2 hour later 10 pt, 200+ lb bruiser follows the scent from the other direction. Seemed curious. Pulls up 12 yds away, broadside. Turns his head and I go to full draw..Walking slowly, completely oblivious to my presence. 100gr Hellrazor took out both lungs and landed 6 yds beyond. Mule kicked, bolted.. I waited more than 2 hours to be sure, and there he was, not 50 yards away. 195# after field dress. I'll tell my heart was pounding like a drum. This is my second bowhunting season, and Lord do I wish I had started this 30 years ago. What a rush !


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wow. that is a great looking buck.

my season stares next saterday so im hoping to take anything for my first deer.

this yr im aloud to take a doe so. thats what im shooting for on the opener.

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Nice Buck

That is a fine looking deer, are those ticks on his neck?
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