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First Bow Kill Turkey

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Went to bowhunt for deer this morning in CT and walked under a few turkey roosting in the landowner's backyard. Made it to my treestand to find the deer were staying about 100 yards out, so I know where to be tomorrow.

On my way back to the truck I hear a gobble so I slow way down. Finally I find the flock in the landowner's backyard about 30 yards from where they were roosted - mind you i passed them at 5:45am and now it's almost 9:00am. I creep behind a stone wall, slip my release on, nock an arrow, and come to full draw. Then I slowly raise to my feet and sent an arrow into the first gobbler's chest. He went about 15 yards if that - I love the Rage 2 blade! Then I start whistling at the other birds to confuse them while I nock a second arrow and take a shot at the boss gobbler, but he was on the move at 30 yards and i shot right behind him.

So far this is turning out to be my best bowhunting season ever. First two weeks of CT I got 3 does and my biggest buck to date, and now I have my first turkey with a bow! Can't wait to see what the rest of the season has in store!

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