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Mission Hype DTX or Blackout S3??

  • Mission Hype DTX w/ Bow Hunter Package

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  • Blackout S3 w/ RAK package

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I shot a compound bow for the first time a couple of months ago and I knew this was something I can get into. I'm the type who does exhaustive research before making a purchase and I had no idea how much bow stuff was out there (brands, accessories, etc.). I've got it narrowed down to 2 bows roughly the same price and now have to make a tough decision. The BlackOut S3 w/ R.A.K. package is going for $530 at Bass Pro and Mission Hype DTX w/ Bow hunter package is going for $560 at my local retailer. If anyone has any advice, previous experience with these particular bows or brands (including warranty and repair issues), or anything else that you think would be helpful I would greatly appreciate it.

By the way in case someone asks I'm 6 ft., 190 lbs, draw length of 28.5, and shoot right handed.

HypeDTX-Profile-Black-836x2000.jpg master1_2297707_main.jpeg
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