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I'm going on my first bowhunt in way too many years.

I just spoke with my brother-in-law last night. He's got about 80-100 acres with access to an adjacent 200 acres between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. He was not going to get to bow hunt this year. He always carried his bow with him and would shoot coyotes or other rodents while working on his food plot or other things on his land. Earlier this summer he wrecked his old bow when it fell off his tractor and he drove over it.. :eek:

We'd been looking to get him another bow but he could not swing it with all the work he's doing on his place. I decided to keep my backup BulletX. We're going to set it up for him tomorrow night. I hope the deer don't see those orange and white strings... :confused:

I'm thinking that hunting this close to civilization will be good. If I go into an allergic fit at least his neighbor that has the 200 acres is an ER doc.. :tongue:

My brother-in-law is giddy as a schoolgirl. :chortle: You'd have thought he hit the lotto when we talked and I told him we'd set him up with one this season..

So, I'm going to be shooting my BulletX with NitrosX. It only has around 55 limbs maxed out. I have some Carbon Tech Hippo 23/400's or some 2613 Eclipses. Would either of those work well? With that setup what broadheads should I look into? The only broadheads I have are 20 year old Wasp 4 blades. Figure I can invest in something a little newer.. :wink:

Any advice?
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