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First deer of the season (3rd deer ever with a bow)

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I was set up with my back to a creek looking over a oak flat (SW Georgia). The tree I set up my saddle in was up on a 6 ft rise and I climbed up about 15 feet, so 20 or so feet total height). I was set up around 3:30pm and didn't see a thing except squirrels until about 6:30pm when a small flock of turkeys came within 20 yards of my tree (no fall season here).

I was just losing shooting light when I heard a deer coming from my left and a big doe came into view right below me, walking quickly. I drew back and stopped her because she was moving too fast to make a good shot, especially with how dark it was getting (the first pic makes it look a lot lighter than it actually was), and shot her at 9 yards. Arrow stuck a foot into the ground, she ran 35 yards and piled up.

No blood at impact, hardly any blood until where she went down, but chest cavity was full of blood. Double lung just above the heart, broke a rib on entry and cut a rib and back of the offside elbow on exit.

Bowtech SR6, 62 pounds on performance mod, 29" draw, 450 grain VF TKO 300 spine arrow, stock 23 grain insert, 125 grain TOTA 1" solid

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I have taken a lot of deer at that range from a tree and IMO the reason you didn't get any blood mainly due to where the exit was. I think the leg seals the chest hole keeping the blood in the chest and the leg itself isn't going to bleed a lot. But when they die in sight that's all Congrats.
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