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First deer of the season

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The people who's land adjoins ours planted all their fields in soybeans this year. (darn nice of them I think) So I set up this evening on a trail leading from our land to their soybean fields. A nice doe came along about 5:45. I drew on her at 20 yards but she stopped behind a low hanging oak limb. I held draw for about 4 minutes but finally had to let down and thankfully managed to do so without making any noise. She eventually moved slightly more towards me and I drew on her again at 15 yards with a slight quarter towards me. I put my 15 yard pin right on her left shoulder and touched the release. I was shooting 27 inch carbon express 3d selects with a 4 blade 100 grain Muzzy head. It zipped through her at that range so smooth and fast it hardly made much of a sound on impact. She turned and ran straight away from me and I could tell by the way she was running that my little Muzzy had eat that left shoulder up. I could see my arrow buried about 6 inches in the ground and all 3 white vanes were totally covered in bright red blood. I gave her 30 minutes and climbed down. Now the only thing that concerned me was that there wasn't as good a blood trail as I would have expected. It didn't really matter though as I had only gone about 10 yards when I spotted her lying another 40 yards ahead. The arrow had exited about 4 inches behind the right shoulder and there was large amounts of frothy blood were she lay. The only thing I can figure is that she must have bleed a lot internally. Anyway, I am well pleased to get one in the freezer on opening day and other than the scant blood trail it was pretty much a perfect hunt.
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