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I had been watching this nontypical on the trail cam for about a month and decided to try to get him in October before the rifles began banging in November, so I got this Wrath in time to set the scope and shoot it approximately fifty times before opening morning a week ago on October 1st. I've never seen a non-typical in this area before so I was totally shocked to know he was in the area. The shot seemed perfect at a distance of 28 yards where I had placed a lawn chair in a small camouflage hunting tent. I also set a camera tripod in front of me to rest the wrath on. That morning I had walked for 25 minutes to get in position, about 1 hour before sunrise. I saw a pig at 7:00 and he ran when the feeder went off. I whacked this buck when he came to eat just after 9. When I went to get him, the blood trail was massive and he only ran about 30 yards. It's hard to see all the little points in the photo be we counted 28. It measured 21.5" wide from the widest points. The main beams were 17".
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