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Well this weekend was my first time hunting. First day wasn't great until evening. I started to get cold in my feet and got down out of the stand to warm up some. Was walking around and managed to find a bedding spot. I counted around 7-8 spots down, then I turned around and bam there was a good size doe who spotted me and took off.

Then today we made it out to the stand and got set up. It was around 9:00am or so and had a doe walk in from behind me. Spotted it out of the corner of my eye and she stopped and was head down, grabbed my bow and drew down on her (I was shaking like crazy for a few secs), released and watched my arrow hit a branch off the tree and go sideways and doe ran off.

Overall I must say besides the getting cold, which I can't take to much anymore. I had a freaking blast. I do think I will get a blind though so I can move around more than were the stands are.
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