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First Traditional Bow Buy

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I've recently gotten into traditional archery and I'm ready to purchase my first bow. I know I want a longbow but I don't know what model or poundage. I'd like to hear some suggestions. I'm over six feet tall, in my 20s, can easily shoot a 65# longbow but I want something that I can get now but then have and shoot the rest of my life, so when giving suggestions don't worry about the price. I really like the Black Widow PL model and have shot a Bob Lee longbow so if you have any experience on those I'd be interested in hearing about it and if you could compare them to say a cheaper bow model like the Bear Montana that would great too. Thank you for your help and I hope to be shooting soon!
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Take a real long look at Centaur ( One of the best performing longbows on the market. The longbows that Bob Morrison builds are great as well.( While you have youth on your side don't over bow yourself. Look at material and design to provide top performance while allowing yourself to develop good form ( this can be achieved with slightly lower poundages). Shooting a stick bow is addictive and starting out you want to be comfortable with your equipment, picking heavy poundage starts out to be the thing to do but down the road it hinders your advancement considerably. The lower end equipment has a tendency to not draw as smoothly and gains poundage faster(stacking) then the higher end equipment does. If you have the time, go to a few Traditional shoots and try out different bows before you pull the trigger. There are so many good bowyers today that your choices are almost endless.
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