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Firstlite wool!

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This stuff is great!

Two weeks ago I orderd the Chama. I had used merino wool for years, being in the backpacking retail industry, and have never looked back to synthetics. I was elated to find a company making quality merino wool products in camo, not to mention in ASAT.

Let me say that I have used a lot of different wool and merino products. Merino wool is far superior to any other wool on the market and the best merino comes from Australia and New Zealand. I will not buy merino from anywhere as the quality of the fiber is not the same.

Not only is First lite merino NewZealand and Aussie merino but it is the finest quality, softest merino I have used.

I have the pants on order but the top performed flawlessly on an early season teal hunt this past weekend.

Top quality fiber: retains head when wet, dries quickly.
Merino is naturally anti-microbial
Good range of motion
Great camo pattern (ASAT)
Soft, doesn't itch at all
Durable stitching
Zip front for breathability

Some will say price, but good quality merino is high dollar. Worth it in my opinion
Cuffs stretch out after you push them up, a little elastic would be nice here.

Overall I am very happy with this product and I will continue to purchase it as more styles become available.
I will post an update after I get the bottoms in and try them out.

Thanks Firstlite!

p.s I am in no way working for or was I asked to post this review by Firstlite.
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I recieved the bottoms last week but havn't had a chance to use them yet. So far they appear to be top notch. Very soft and I am sure very warm.:)
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