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FITA/NFAA Yardage Calc. Software Help

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I shoot FITA and NFAA with a PSE X-Factor and Sur Lock. Looking for a software program that will allow you to enter arrow weights, string height, draw length, #'s at full draw etc. and maybe two corect yardages [say 20 and 40 yds.] useing 3 or 4 digit numbers and the software will calc. the rest up to 90 Yds. or so. I know an old version [ may 15 years or so] is out there but I was hoping there was a newer version. I don't care if the program will print lables or not. I'd like to see the data in Ansi but if metric is all that's available I can convert the data. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill W.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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