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Yes, it's in the FITA book 1, under performance awards, page 62-63...

6.3.4 For other Target Archery Rounds there will be Target Awards: These badges will be on a circular coloured background and
awarded for the scores set out in the chart below and for the
following Rounds:
· 70m Round;
· Half FITA Round;
· 900 Round;
· 25m Round;
· 18m Round;
· 50m Compound Round.

For 50m compound:
500 550 600 650 675 700 for White Black Blue Red Gold Purple respectively.

"The performance awards can be gained at tournaments organised by Member
Associations and recognised by FITA (see article 4.8.2) for which each Member
Association will pay a fee established by Council within the maximum amount
established by Congress." (I assume that means a STAR FITA tournament)

It also says that "supplies of performance awards will be sent to Member Associations in the
numbers requested, except for the higher value performance awards."

I see that you're from Singapore, so you'll have to contact your national agency. I emailed USA Archery about getting them here in the US several months ago, but never heard back. Maybe I'll try again...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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