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I have seen about every fletch you can imagine when shooting indoors. I have seen 2613 shafts fletched with 1.75" fletching, X-cutters with 4 Blazers, feathers of all sizes, 5" vanes, fletched straight, offset, helical, ect.... You need to find what works best for your set-up. Using large dia. shafts with tall vanes, like Blazers, can cause contact issues. Depending on your tuning, small vanes may not stabilize your arrow.

What I did was, I bought 3-4 different sizes of the same vane and fletched 3 shafts with each size. After testing, I stripped off the less accurate vanes and replaced then with vanes from different manufacturers. Again after testing I stripped what didn't work. You will find what works the best for you and your set-up.

I'm currently using Easton 380 Diamond vanes, fletched straight with a slight offset, on my Gold Tip 30X pros. I have some Vanetec vanes on the way, so I will be giving them a try.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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