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Floodcity bowmen has a great 3d course!!

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We have a great 30 target 3d course. It is located in the hills of johnstown pa. We have great food also at are shoots. So come hungry and ready to shoot. Are shoots for 2009 are as listed. 4-26-09,5-10-09,6-14-09,7-12-09this is the money trophy shoot so bring a friend and shoot it is best arrow.8-30-09,9-20-09,9-27-09. they are 7am-1pm. Cost is $8.00 but money and trophy shoot is $10 for trophy and $20 for money. We'll I hope to see some new faces this year so please feel free to come shoot. If need directions just post me.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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