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fobs got me an attitude at a 3-d shoot !!!!!!!

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yesterday I shot my first 3-D with fobs on my arrows,super impressed to say the least ---- shot a 434 on a 40 target course, not bad for the first one of the year using my hunting bow and a wrist release ------
several people asked me about them and if I had a truckload of them I probably could've sold them all,I was nailing the center of the dot at 60 yards every shot on the practice range and the wind was about 10mph left to right and I was not correcting for it
There was one guy there who if it wasnt for him there would be know archery because obviously he knew so much about everything that he could make a comment to me like ''' what are those stupid looking things on your arrows''' funny because he let me shoot through and I smoked the 12 ring on a 35 yard shot on the rhinehart droptine buck,I turned around and said ''dam I hate when that happens!!!! lol '' after that I met two guys on the course that I knew and was talking to them when the same guy walked by and said '' hey your a walking commercial for arrow products '' not realizing that these guys were my friends and we weren't even talking about archery,, they asked me what was up with that guy and I said never seen him before in my life -- I caught up to them again and they wanted me to shoot through and I said I would like to see what MR PSE XFORCE can do so i;ll pass on the shoot through thanks,the pressure obviously got him because like I expected he shot an ''8'' on a small doe target at 23 yards ------ that made my day and should teach him to keep his mouth stut about other peoples equiptment and worry about his shooting capabilities --MAYBE HE SHOULD TRY FOBS!!!!!! LOLOL :smile::smile::smile: