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Started shooting them yesterday. They flew great. I know that they say not to group with them due to the breakage factor, but i could not resist. I was shooting at 20 yards, first arrow hit dead center and the next 2 proceeded to go right through the first FOB. It was actually a pain in the ass trying to get all 3 arrows out of the block together, couldnt separate them due to the fact that the FOB was holding all 3 together. The great thing about it was that all 3 arrows were up and running in under a minute. I did notice a that they are a tad louder than regular vanes, but supposedly all that noise is directed back at the shooter. Tommorrow i will shoot them out to 40 yards. Yesterday was the first day i have shot in 3 months, man it felt good. I shot blazers to and they hit almost identically with the FOBS, a little right, maybe an inch.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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