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Food Plot Suggestions

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I Would Like Some Suggestions On What To Plant In My Food Plots. I Live In The South And We Normally Plant A Mixture Of Oats, Wheat And Ryegrass. I Have Looked At The Various Types Of Other Seeds Such As Biologic Etc. But I Am Unsure Of The Expense. Are These Specialized Mixtures Worth It?
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That is the exact mixture that I have used for the last two years, only problem is I have a real problem with Johnson Grass that I need to kill this winter. I also did a spring plot with sping oats and had 8 bucks earlier in the summer in it every night for a week. I used to think there were not many deer in my area, I did a Google Earth search around my farm and found out there was hardly any other crops around. So I started these food plots (about 10 acres in all). It's paying off we came home late the other night and there must have been 50 deer in the fields, can't wait for season.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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