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Food Plots???

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Ok i know its to late but what type of seed do you use. Peas from the store corn, oats, australian winterpeas what??? Something small and afordable.
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For those of us that are light in the wallet, I have had tremendous success with ladino and crimson clover mixed with buckwheat. I can get all three seeds for less than a dollar a pound at the local mill. I also throw in a wee bit of Kale and Rape. It is a little pricier. The clovers grow right on into the cold season (especially the crimson) . The buckwheat only needs about 50 days to mature so it can be a good late season crop. I had one plot that I sowed with the Whitetail Institute test pack (~$30 w/ 8 little packs of seeds and some minerals). Watched the deer walk right past the expensive stuff to feed in the cheap stuff. By the way, this is in north central NC.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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