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For Sale: Black Thunder Longbow

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For Sale: As new 3 month old Black Thunder longbow. 62", 48#@28", cocobolo riser with bocote accent stripe, walnut core and yew lams on limbs. Black glass over carbon on belly side of limbs and clear glass on backside of limbs. Bocote accents on riser and limb tips on bellly side of bow and cocobolo accents on backside of riser and limb tips. The following link is to pics of the bow:

This bow draws as smooth as butter. And it is very quick. I shot the very same arrow, 545 gr with 125 gr field point, out of it that I shot out of a used 53# Black Thunder with bamboo limbs that I traded towards this bow when it was bulit for me. The 53# bow shot 150 fps through the chrono and the 48# bow shot 164 fps. That's not bad for a 48# longbow at my 27" drawlength. I was actually drawing somewhere around 46# with it and 51# with the used Black Thunder.

My only problem is I cannot consistently shoot longbows with the accuracy I demand of myself. I have been able to achieve that level with the recurve I recently bought. It needs a good home where someone will shoot it who can shoot longbows.

The bow is of Deflex/Reflex design and has a semi-pistol grip. If you can shoot longbows and want one in the45-50# range at 28", this is a super sweet, very well built and gorgeous bow. The bowyer, Dick Van Marter, studied under Mike Fedora, Sr. He builds an excellent bow. Bill Leslie, WFL/KY, told me about the Black Thunder and he recommends them highly.

$400 shipped to your door.