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10 Jackite Extendable 16' Fiberglass poles with ground stake, swivels and strings attached $18 each

10 Jackite Snow Kites Assembled $24 each

1 Reelwing Snow Flying Decoy $25

12 Bigfoot Foot bases converted to motion bases for Canada Feeders $9.75 each

5 Snow Flags $10 each

2 Expedite Snow Air Lucky Spinning Wing Decoys used on a pole or vorrtex $25 each

1 Goosegetter E:caller with carrying case, 8 cassettes for snows 3 are new, 2 white 50 watt waterproof speakers on separate metal stands with 50 foot of wiring per stand, runs on small lawn mower battery, $175, great for varmints or snows.

Avery GHG Snow and Blue Fullbodies, in Feeder Poses only, includes ring motion bases and stakes $18 each

plus S&H

contact me at [email protected]
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