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in about 15 arrows will be wearing VANES.....
I have been fighting Blazers for a while, moreso on principle......but WOW.....I fletched 2 arrows up with em and they shoot flatter and just as accurately as my Feathers......never thought I would say that.
I can interchange a field point and a steelforce titanium hellfire 100 and keep them roughly in the same spot on my Block at 40 yards......realistically I am shooting 5 inch groups consistently with a fixed blade broadhead at 40 yards.
With a 72 pound bow and a HUGE peep , which is as good as I can get with my feathers and my hunting rig. Some groups are smaller, but always making at around 5 inches. Not bad for me.
So, to all of you who told me to try were right. Thanks for the pointers all.
Good luck this season.
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